A. Introduction

Through the use and access to this website and to the URL’s derived (here after the websites), you hereby grant a binding contract with our society; your contract with us includes your acceptance to these “Terms and Conditions” and to our “Privacy Policy”. If you don’t agree with any of the terms, please, we invite you to leave the websites.

The websites are property of UINKU PAYMENTS, S.L. (here after UINKU), whose corporate name is UINKU PAYMENTS, S.L., with registered offices in San Rafael 1, 2 – 2ºC, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid) with C.I.F. nº B87651162 Registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Tome 35202, Sheet 92 Sheet M-633001 Inscription 1 and email address:

UINKU indicates that it is the user’s obligation to read the terms of use of the websites, considered valid and therefore applicable, recommending the users to print or keep a copy of the present “Terms and Conditions” to later have knowledge of them, although the same would always be available in the web page ( All the conditions could be stored and reproduced by the users/clients through any conventional word processing tool on the market.

In order to use and browse the UINKU websites, the User must (a) be 18 years or over, or be 14 and have the parental consent or guardian to these terms, (b) have de capacity to grant a binding contract with us and that no applicable law can prohibit it, and (c) be a resident of Spain. The User also guarantees that all the information provided to UINKU is truthful, accurate and complete, and agrees to do so at all times.

B. Object

It is object of the present terms of use the browsing, access and use of the portal and its information (Browsing, that is, to look over an space with the objective to recognize objects in it), this factual conduct assumes the automatic juridical acceptance and without any modification, of the terms, conditions or warnings contained in the present text. The described conducts confer the user condition without needing the conventional signature by the user, regarding the terms here established without detriment to the application of the relevant biding regulations. It is the obligation of UINKU to warn that if the User disagrees with terms in the present document, the user must refrain from accessing the websites; therefore UINKU invites you to immediately leave this website if you agree with the above warning.

The User is declared as a fiscal or juridical person, UINKU declares, and the User recognizes, that UINKU provides a great diversity of information, services and data, assuming the user its responsibility in the Right use of the websites. This responsibility will be extended to all uses and practices made by the user inside the websites, as well as in the use of the information, services and data offered by UINKU.

C. User Guidelines

We have established some basic rules so the user can follow when accessing our websites, as well as when hiring our services. Please, follow the rules:

    1. Guidelines for access to the websites
    2. To access the websites, the User must have an access and an internet connection, pay the access fees, have the equipment/device and the needed electronic systems to perform the connection to the network, including a terminal that is appropriate for the purpose (computer, phone, Tablet, etc…) and a modem or another device with analogy access or similar.
    3. The User knows that the Right access and use of determinate contents and services of the websites can imply the downloading in their computing devices of determinate computer programs or other logic elements. The User is the only responsible for the downloading of the mentioned elements, declining UINKU any kind of responsibility that may arise.
    4. Guidelines for the use of the websites by the user
    5. The user is obliged to carry out a use of the websites, its conditions, services that can be offered, content in accordance with the law, morals, good customs and public order, not using them contrary to the contents present in this text, in harmful way to UINKU or third parties, or in any way that can harm, disable or deteriorate the websites or their services, or prevent a normal use of the websites by others.
    6. The User shall refrain from making actions that can harm, interrupt or generate errors in UINKU systems, as well as introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controllers or any other logic device or characters sequence that may cause or may be susceptible of causing any kind of alteration in the informatics systems.
    7. UINKU reserves the right to deny or remove the access to the websites and/or the services, at any time and without prior warning to those USERS who violate the terms and conditions.
    8. UINKU’s limited responsibility for the websites use
    9. The websites can host advertisement contents or being sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the only responsible to make sure that the content submitted, for its incorporation in the websites complies with the laws that can be applied in every case. UINKU won’t be responsible of any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that can contain the advertising contents or the sponsors.
    10. UINKU makes all the necessary efforts to offer the information contained in its websites in a trustful way and without typographical errors. In case that in some moment should occur any error of this kind, at all times outside of UINKU’s will, we will proceed to the correction of the misprint as soon as possible and it would be provided to the User the information and established options in the current legislation.
    11. UINKU won’t be responsible before the User, regarding:
      1. The information provided by users and third parties, outside UINKU and those who did not hold any kind of agreement or contract collaboration.
      2. The effectiveness of the connection as well as the speed to access the websites by the User. The interferences, the omissions, the interruptions, computer viruses, telephone faults or disconnections in the operative performance of the electronic system due to causes beyond UINKU.

D. Link policy and liability exemptions

UINKU is not responsible of the web page content to which the User can access through the links established in the platform and declares that in any case shall proceed to examine or exercise any kind of control over the content of other web pages. Also, it won’t guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, validity and legality of foreign pages to its property to which can be accessed through the links.

UINKU declares to have adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any damage that, to their web sites users, may arise from the browsing through its websites. Therefore, UINKU it is not responsible, in any case, for the eventual damages that the User can suffer for surfing the web.

E. Validity of the present text

UINKU reserves the right to realize the modifications that considers appropriate, without notice, in the website contents. Both regarding the content of the sites, and in the terms of use of the same. These modifications can be done, through the website, for any law admissible way and they will be mandatory during the time they are exclusively published and available on websites and until they are amended by subsequent ones.

UINKU reserves the right to update the use, the terms and the applicable conditions to the websites. Always remaining applicable, in benefit of the User, the existing at the moment the User access the website, as well as those existing at the time of the posible service request, if this is the case.

F. Intellectual and industrial property

All the text, images, contents, logos, trademarks or not, as well as the media and forms of presentation and assembly of the websites, are native or derivatively ownership of UINKU. Consequently they are works or contents protected as intellectual property and/or industrial property by Spanish law pursuant to Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12th in which is approved the revised text of the Law on Intellectual Property and the law 17/2001, of December 7th, of Brands, being applicable both the Spanish and the EU legislation in those fields, as well as the international agreements relating to the matter and signed by Spain.

All rights over the contents, are reserved being expressly prohibited the reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and/or any kind of use, of the whole or part of the contents of the websites without the express consentient of UINKU.

G. Law and jurisdiction

UINKU also reserves the faculty to present the civil or penal actions that consider necessary for the wrong utilization of its webpages and contents, or for the failure to comply of the present conditions.

The parts agree, of their free will that the relationship between the user and UINKU will be governed by the Spanish legislation and will be competent to decide over any controversy that could arise between the User and UINKU, the courts or tribunals of the city of Madrid.

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